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What it takes to build an innovative Organization ?

Let me begin by saying innovation is state of mind. Innovation is outcome of three ingredients viz.; knowledge, Research and Ideas. Andrew Papageorge, the famous American innovator, teacher, motivator and leader has once said “Innovation is not absolutely necessary, but then neither is survival”.

So what really innovation is ? Innovation can be thought of as ‘new ideas put into action’. Innovation is about creating value and increasing efficiency, and therefore growing our business. Innovation is the conversion of new knowledge into new products and services.

Let me give a clue, first of all let’s talk about the building blocks of innovative organizations and while doing so we must remember the golden rule of Why ?What ? and How ? . Why and what is the state of mind which should be very clear in everybody’smind at the start. But ‘HOW’ is something which is the critical most enabler in the process of making the organization more innovative. Three most important and critical enabler is PEOPLE, PROCESSES and CULTURE.

PEOPLE - A situation where organisation have an innovative CEO, top management is innovative, have innovative senior managers, organisation promote and develop innovative managers, employees are innovative, organisation recruit new people based on their innovative skills.

PROCESSES -Organisation have a clear and well known innovative strategy, majority if not everyone has gone through innovation training, employees have innovation tools & innovation metrics, funding is easily available for new, innovative projects. Organisation have deep market and customer insight and organisation work and learn well together with partners & external collaboration.

CULTURE - Organisation have high acceptance for risk & a willingness to fail, it has time & freedom to innovate, it has a shared language for innovation. Organisation has high creative ability, have tons of passion and have a strong ability to change.

Creativity concerns the generation of new ideas. Innovation also includes the implementation of those ideas. There is direct co-relation between creativity and innovation. Innovation is the act of introducing something new.Act of introducing directly depends on the ability of risk taking while new is directly link with being creative.